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UN One World Mandate

The UN One World mandate was a rare moment of unity between governments around the world and 207 of the world's leading corporations from both the public and private sector.

The mandate was put in place in the late 21st Century to combat multiple areas of severe concern affecting the globe. It dealt with rising food shortages, creating sustainable fuel and consumable supplies, limiting the increasing damage of global warming, suppressing the rise of super viruses plaguing the world and put in place systems to improve the happiness and satisfaction of people across the globe.

Populations on desirable agricultural land where relocated into regional hubs. Important goods were subsidised and encouraged to provide necessary food, fuel and energy supplies. Metro systems were put in place and personal vehicle ownerships limited to large cities and farming districts. World wide immunisation and vaccination plans were implemented as an annual occurrence for better health and welfare. The UN One World committee began as a way to ensure the happiness and well-being of people the world over.

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