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Takayna (Takayna Outpost), is a regional city known for its exports of mined silica and farmed goods, principally maize. Formed in the late 21st Century with the amalgamation of numerous municipalities into regional hubs (or outposts) as part of the UN One World mandate, making available previously inaccessible land for crop farming. The outpost's boundaries are fenced to prevent unnecessary urban spread.


Two corporations, KS (Kluist-Saag) and Perspective, hold a majority interest in outpost due to their farming and mining endeavours in the region. They are both the primary employers of the local residents and supply funding for infrastructure, education and recreational activities.

Most goods other than grocery items are purchased via online services so the local CBD is small in size. Other than the handful of superstores, there are bars and Pool services along with some other small entertainment facilities.


Transport around the outpost is either on foot or via the metro system. Like all hubs/outposts, personal motor vehicles are banned.

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